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Papapostolou d.o.o. Belgrade

is new to the Serbian market as a distributor of medical and laboratory equipment and we are part of Papapostolou from Greece, which our mother company, with a very long tradition in the field of healthcare medical equipment of doing business in this field.


For over 25 years Ardo has been developing, producing and distributing products that accompany people on their journey through life. These products support premature babies and newborns in their development, accompany mothers through their pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, and offer patients safety and comfort.
Ardo medical AG is a Swiss second-generation family company. The company’s head office is located in Unterägeri and it has five subsidiaries in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and China.

Our commitment to outstanding service, our policy of working closely with our customers and the innovative drive to develop new technologies in the field of medical technology are the decisive factors that have made Löwenstein Medical one of the leading companies in the field of medical technology.  In partnership with leading manufacturers worldwide, Löwenstein Medical is a pioneer and itself a market leader in innovative disciplines such as sleep medicine and respirator/ventilator technology

HOMOTH has developed and produced diagnostics systems for 40 years and is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers in this sector. The “ENT-Diagnostics-Centre”, which is now an integral part in ENT clinics, was introduced in the early 90’s as a worldwide novelty. More than 8,000 sold modules and 4,000 devices speak for themselves.

BioMed Jena GmbH

The BioMed Jena GmbH was founded in March 1997 for the realization of new product ideas in the field of biomedical engineering. In cooperation with many research institutions we develop new medical measurement methods and systems for our customers.
All products will constantly improved and expanded. The updates are free for our customers and can be easily installed via the softwar

Based in Stockholm, Sweden. Attana is a pioneer in the development of continuous-flow Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) systems for real-time, label-free molecular interaction studies. The QCM core technology enables the study of biomolecules of varying species such as proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids, and lectins and also binding moieties of vastly different sizes, ranging from peptides to cells.

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. CytoTrack is a new technology for the detection of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) with breakthrough performance and capability. CytoTrack is a unique detection technology featuring many important advantages and has been developed solely to meet the technical challenges of detecting extremely rare cells in the blood.

is an Austrian company based in Wien. Viennalab has been successful in developing, manufacturing, and worldwide distributing In vitro diagnostic tests for inherited diseases, genetic predispositions, pharmacogenetics, and oncology. They offer StripAssays based on PCR and RealFast Assay based on real-time PCR.

Procomcure Biotech Gmbh

Is an Austrian company based in Thalgau, Salzburg. One of their’s product is PHOENIXDX® SARS-COV-2 IVD is a CE IVD real-time RT-PCR-based diagnostic test for the in vitro qualitative detection of 2019-Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in respiratory specimens and sera from patients who meet COVID-19 clinical and/or epidemiological criteria.

Alpha MOS

Based in Toulouse, France, Alpha MOS specializes in electronic sensor systems, is positioned as a world leader in the design and development of instruments designed to analyze odors, tastes, and visual aspects (color and shape). Due to the needs of large industries, Alpha MOS offers reliable and fast solutions that can control the sensory quality of their products and ensure their production process.
As the first company to introduce electronic nasal technology, Alpha MOS is continuously investing in research and development to develop innovative products that meet these needs.

With Our Mobile System Solutions for Emergency Medicine, Transport and Disaster Medicine, We Set Standards for Saving Human Lives.
We collaborate closely with professional users from the emergency medical services, hospitals and military medical corps to develop innovative medical devices for ventilation and defibrillation. We have been providing our customers with a high degree of reliability, experience and quality made in Germany for over 100 years.

We develop intuitive hearing test devices. Hearing health is a central part of our personal wellbeing and concerns us all – whether it’s friends and family, colleagues or our own hearing. We at MAICO enable an early detection of hearing loss by engineering intuitive and reliable hearing screening devices.

Medical Equipment 100%
biotechnology 60%
Medical Research 70%
Genetics 50%